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High Strength, UV Stabilized, and excellent chemical resistant liners used for a multitude of applications from water conservation to waste disposal landfills, mine tailings, heap leach pads, and mining extraction of precious minerals and metals. Saves environment, prevents seepage and contamination - opt for Megaplast?s technically superior and durable Geomembranes.
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Geomembrane Product Range

Product Range

Available in various density, finishes and designed as per end-use application

HDPE Smooth

Majorly used for lining projects which require low permeability, ultraviolet resistance, and exceptional chemical properties, making them very cost-effective for most of the applications.

LLDPE Smooth

Designed for waste containment applications, which usually requires a greater degree of flexibility and elongation. These features & its superior tensile properties make this product the perfect solution for landfill caps, leach pads or portable water containment.

HDPE Textured

Available in two categories - with single or double-sided textured surface, that performs with superior strength and high level of multiaxial impact. These textured HDPE geomembranes have a successful track record in many lining applications.

LLDPE Textured

Available in two categories - with single or double-sided textured surface. The high-quality textured surface enables increased friction between the layers & the steep slopes of a landfill, designing the perfect closure, similarly for leach pad applications.

Product Brief

0 Width 8 metre
0 Length Up to 300 metres
and/or customized
0 Thickness 0.5 mm to 3 mm
(20 mils to 120 mils)
0 Colours Black - Standard
White and any other colour on request
0 Finish Smooth - Standard Availability
Texture - Single or Double side - as per requirement
0 Material HDPE and LLDPE

Specialized Geomembrane

Conductive Geomembranes

Megaplast Conductive Geomembrane has a coextruded electrically conductive layer in both HDPE and LLDPE series which helps for post-installation surface inspection i.e. spark testing entire installed surface area, leak location and repair. Conductive finish is available in Megaplast?s HDPE & LLDPE series and can be combined with coloured liners (White, Olive Green, Grey, Blue, etc.), textured and smooth finishes. Extensively used in mining and containment of hazardous waste.

Super Flexible LLDPE

Megaplast Superflex Geomembrane is made up of special LLDPE polymers which are less crystalline forms of polyethylene with extra flexibility better multiaxial stress resistance, higher puncture resistance (in large scale hydrostatic puncture), better elongational properties (both uniaxial and multiaxial) and less prone to brittle stress cracking. Superflex LLDPE applications include landfill caps, pond and channel liners, Prefabricated tank liners and sewage processing ponds

White Geomembranes

Megaplast White is a co-extruded HDPE /LLDPE geomembrane with a UV resistant and sunlight reflective surface layer. The white layer is fully integrated with the primary black geomembrane layer without altering the excellent properties of the geomembrane. When using a black geomembrane thermal expansion and contraction can cause wrinkles in the liner system. Megaplast White extend the geomembrane lifetime, easy detection of damage and reduce the wrinkles and in turn solve variety of issues such as a drainage blocking, stress points in the material, and uneven stress distribution throughout the entire system.

Coloured Geomembranes

Megaplast Co-extruded HDPE/LLDPE can also be produced with a top layer made with different coloured pigments like Green , Blue ,tan , grey or any colour on demand. The top layer of coextruded geomembrane is heavily fortified with expensive antioxidants and stabilizers so it does not alter the excellent properties of geomembranes . Megaplast coloured geomembranes gives aesthetic value and are used in architectural ponds ,golf courses, rehabilitation of landfill covers with extended lifetime and durability .

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Our Geomembrane liner range is specially formulated for each specific application. Renowned for their imperviousness, high chemical resistance, durability and corrosion protection.
Secondary containment lining solutions tailored for various applications

Project References

Project Reference



Megaplast invests continuously to improve product quality. Experts from the Quality department reviews product quality at each stage of manufacture. Megaplast is GAI-LAP certified and we are the only Indian Manufacturer of Geomembranes with NABL Certification.



Megaplast Geomembarens are accredited by various product certification bodies. Our liners are examined through thorough performance and quality assurance tests and meet qualification criteria stipulated in various certification schemes.

Megaplast GAI-LAP
Megaplast HDPE GRI GM-13
CE Certificate from SKZ

Facts you should know about Megaplast Geomembrane Liners

Megaplast Geomembrane Liner series meets or exceeds all the requirements of the internationally recognized GRI GM-13 standard for HDPE geomembrane liners and GRI GM-17 for LLDPE Geomembrane Liners.


Milion Sq. mt. Annual Capacity


Tons Annual Capacity
(2.2 million pounds)


Metre Wide


Finish Options

Applying The Best Of People, Process And Technology

Made in India used across the World

Our Geomembrane manufacturing facility is equipped with highly precise automated machinery that produces Geomembrane Liners for a variety of end-use applications.
Megaplast India Pvt. Ltd. Sr. No. 597/2(B), Nr. Cello House, Somnath, Dabhel, Nani Daman, Daman - 396210

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