What is the difference between stretch film and cling film?

What is the difference between stretch film and cling film?

Have you ever thought about how to keep your food safe and sound in a lunchbox or when you're packaging food for later? We often use different materials like paper bags or steel tiffin boxes, right? Similarly, in various industries like manufacturing and food preservation, and often involves a critical decision: stretch film VS cling film – which one is better? Today, we're going to talk about two important options: stretch film and cling film.

Now, don't let the names confuse you. Stretch film and cling film are not the same. They each have their own special uses and qualities. Picking the right one can make a big difference in keeping your products safe and making your customers happy. Keep reading the blog to know more about packaging materials and the unique qualities and applications of stretch film and cling film.

Stretch Film:

Stretch film, often referred to as "stretch wrap," is a versatile packaging material known for its ability to stretch and be wrapped around objects. It is primarily used for securing loads, be it for pallets of goods in warehouses or bundling products together.


Stretch film finds its applications in a wide range of industries. It is commonly used in logistics and warehousing to wrap and secure palletized goods. The stretching properties of this film enable it to hold loads in place, preventing shifting during transportation. Additionally, stretch film is used in various industrial settings to protect products from dust, moisture, and damage.


Stretch film is designed to have excellent stretchability and cling properties. It can be stretched to cover and secure irregularly shaped or oversized loads. The film's ability to wrap items without the need for adhesives makes it a practical choice for industrial applications.

At Megaplast, we provide an extensive selection of stretch films, meticulously designed to cater to various needs. With us you can be assured that we've got your products covered and secured with utmost precision.

Megaplast India: Stretch Film Packaging Partner

       MegaStretch Machine Films: These films are ideal for machine application, boasting high clarity, strength, and elongation. They ensure secure packaging and are suitable for barcode scanning applications.

       MegaStretch Manual Films: This hand-grade film is formulated to stretch less than conventional hand application films, ensuring load integrity during transit while offering cost-effectiveness.

       MegaStretch Mini Roll Films: These small-sized hand application films are versatile and suitable for various purposes, including protecting product parts and securing bundles.

       Mega Pre-Stretch Films: Already stretched during production, these films offer uniform performance and are easy to apply with minimal effort.

Cling Film:

Cling film, also known as plastic wrap or cling wrap, is a different type of packaging material with unique characteristics. Cling film is primarily used for food preservation and packaging.


Cling film is made from food-safe polyethylene material, making it suitable for direct contact with food items. Its distinctive property is its ability to cling to surfaces through static electricity, creating an airtight seal. Cling film is transparent, allowing users to see the contents easily.

Megaplast India offers cling films which are designed specifically for food packaging and preservation. Our cling films are 100% recyclable and easy to use. They can be perforated at regular intervals if needed, making them versatile for various applications. Additionally our cling Films are anti-fog, microwavable, and freezer-safe, enhancing their usability.

Taking everything into consideration, it can be said that both stretch film and clingfilm serve essential purposes in packaging and preservation, their unique applications and properties set them apart. Stretch film is your go-to choice for securing loads and safeguarding products during transit, while cling film shines when it comes to food preservation and packaging. Recognizing these distinctions empowers users to make informed decisions, ensuring that they choose the right material to meet their specific needs, be it load stability or the preservation of freshness.

When it comes to packaging solutions, Megaplast India has you covered with its comprehensive range of stretch films and cling films. For further information about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch with Megaplast India. You can reach us at info@mega-group.in or give us a call at +91 022 - 6106 6000.

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