Uses of geomembranes in the hydroelectric power industry

Uses of geomembranes in the hydroelectric power industry

Geomembranes are an essential material used in the construction of hydroelectric power projects. Megaplast’s flexible, waterproof geomembranes made from polyethylene offer a wide range of benefits in the hydroelectric power industry. Here are some of the applications:

  1. As a liner for dams and reservoirs: As liners, Megaplast geomembranes prevent water from seeping through dams and causing erosion or instability. In addition, they are also used to line the sides of canals, helping to prevent the loss of water and ensuring that the right amount of water reaches the turbines.
  2. As a barrier to protect against contamination: Many hydroelectric power plants are built near or on top of water sources that could be contaminated with harmful substances. Geomembranes create a barrier around the power plant, protecting the water source from contamination.
  3. When a dam is constructed, it can change the natural flow of water and disrupt the habitat of local wildlife. Geomembranes create a barrier between the wildlife and the dam, thus protecting them and helping reduce the impact on the local ecosystem.
  4. For construction of sedimentation ponds: Sedimentation ponds are used to collect and store sediment from construction sites, helping to prevent it from entering the local water supply. Geomembranes are used to line the bottom of the ponds, preventing the sediment from seeping through and ensuring that the water remains clean.
  5. For protection of workers: The construction of hydroelectric power projects can pose safety risks. Geomembranes create a barrier between workers and the water, helping to prevent accidents and protect workers from exposure to contaminated water.

With their durable and flexible design, Megaplast’s geomembranes have proven to be an essential component in the construction and operation of hydroelectric power projects.

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