Uses and Benefits of Cling Films

Uses and Benefits of Cling Films

Cling films, also known as food wrap , are an integral part of modern life, offering a host of benefits across a range of applications. As ultra-thin sheets of plastic, cling films are manufactured primarily from food grade polyethylene, a material that is widely distributed by plastic manufacturers around the world.

We at Megaplast have our specialised cling films called MegaFreshTM and these films are designed with good tensile strength and elongation as well as equipped with puncture resistance. The most common use of cling films is for food preservation. When used as a wrap, cling films provide an airtight seal that helps preserve food freshness for extended durations. They are also highly effective in marinating meat, ensuring that it remains in contact with the marinade and preventing it from drying out.

The aesthetic presentation of food items is another application of cling films. They can be used to create decorative wraps for sandwiches and cover plates of food to keep them warm before serving. Besides, cling films are highly useful in baking, protecting dough from drying out and ensuring that it rises correctly.

In addition to their primary uses, they can also be used for cleaning and organisation. Cling films are effective in covering surfaces such as countertops and cutting boards, preventing them from getting dirty. They can also be used to organise items in homes, such as wrapping cables and cords, preventing tangling and clutter.

Moreover, cling films have become an essential component in the food industry, facilitating food storage and transportation, which ultimately reduces food wastage. They also play a crucial role in extending the shelf life of various food items, including fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry.

The MegaFresh Cling films are available in various sizes and thicknesses, providing users with a wide range of options that cater to their specific needs. They are also cost-effective and readily available, making them an ideal choice for both commercial and personal use.

Megaplast, a leading cling film manufacturer, is a top-rated brand for cling films known for its superior quality, excellent performance, and user-friendly features. They are available in various sizes and thicknesses, making them suitable for various applications. To know more about our MegaFresh cling films, contact us at or call +91 022 - 6106 6000.

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