Multi-Application of Agriculture Films

Multi-Application of Agriculture Films

We’re gradually warming up to terms like Hydroponics and Aquaponics, but what’s helping accelerate their momentum, is the novel method of ‘Film Farming’, I.E the addition of PE Films to the cultivation process for increased quality and improved harvest. At Megaplast, we are steps ahead, having derived PE Agricultural Films that build a protective environment for fields, agricultural produce, aquamarine habitations and soil protection. Our wide range of Plasticulture applications includes Mulch Films, Pond Liners and Silage Films. They each have star contributions when it comes to the conservation of natural resources, protection of roots for healthy agro-farming, shielding herbage from absorbing bacterial disease and increasing crop yield.

Let’s delve deeper into the specific attributes of these high-calibre PE Films and their varied applications.

Mulch Films: With a capacity enough to extensively cover acres of land, the Megaplast Mulch Films are best suited for improvising crop standards, increasing water retention, keeping soil temperature under control and helping disinfect soil for efficient sowing as well as curbing weed growth. The Mulch films have a width of up to 2.6 metres as they provide wholesome protection to crop yield and its precocity, from hazardous solar irradiation and extreme agrochemicals.

Their extensive surface reach helps conserve the moisture of plants and decrease the requirement of regular irrigation, while also protecting the roots of plants from waterlogging in case of extreme rainfall. Mulch Films are girded with thickness and are constantly under exposure to solar radiation; thus with a sufficient supply of light and thermal stabilisers that contain intermediate chemical resistance, the films successfully maintain overall, soil quality, water conservation and crop quality.

Pond Liners: As an absolute essential for garden ponds and aquaculture, the Megaplast Pond Liners have an ambit of applications like liquid retention, protecting the surfaces of reservoirs by lining the exposed surface and protecting it from water impoundments. For domestic settings, like garden ponds and harvesting of marine life as well as aquaculture, Pond Liners contribute to shielding the water from obstructions caused by sharp objects like stones, and they also help regulate soil pH within ponds since soils containing iron pyrite would be incompatible for processes like hydroponics. Made of HDPE and LLDPE, these puncture-resistant Films also aid in water level maintenance, thermal stability for protection of harvested corals and delicate underwater plants, and restricting the growth of algae due to stagnant water, height temperatures or nutrient overload.

Silage Films: Used for the packaging of seeds and fodder for their subsequent fermentation, the Megaplast Silage Films have excellent insulation properties that help barrier air and water while also simultaneously resisting sunlight. Also known as Silage sheets, they are made of excellent quality HDPE and LLDPE and have high elasticity, along with enhanced technology. By preserving silage, hay and maize, the nutritional value of these contents is shielded from fermentation, pests and bacteria. The applications of these films involve firmly packing silage to minimise oxygen content and prevent spoilage. Available in multiple colours, you can opt for these premium ranges of films that have useful additives and colourants.

With an understanding of the array of benefits associated with Agriculture Films, let us help you find the right Megaplast PE Agriculture Film to accompany your meticulous needs.

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