Introduction To Megaplast

Introduction To Megaplast

Megaplast is a leading PE products manufacturer with more than 10 years of expertise. By providing product innovation, quality consistency, price stability, and trustworthiness, we have established a loyal customer base in the global market.

Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technology and are run by a skilled workforce that maintains an output capacity of 24,000 Metric Tonne per year. Our commitment to quality and prompt services to clients has earned us national accreditation and certifications from various government bodies.

Our products

We hold expertise in manufacturing geomembranes, films, and bags that meet key industry standards of quality and services. Our European technology, commitment, and industrial knowledge help us collaborate with clients to develop custom, purpose-fit products for their specific needs.

  • Geomembranes: We are primarily a geomembrane manufacturer. We manufacture high-strength, UV stabilised, and chemical resistant geomembranes made of HDPE and LLDPE. Our liners are used for a variety of applications ranging from water conservation to waste disposal landfills, mine tailings, heap leach pads, and mining extraction of precious minerals and metals. By manufacturing and encouraging the usage of geomembranes, we are promoting the need for safeguarding the environment by preventing seepage and contamination.
  • Films: Our high-quality polyethylene films are popularly used in the retail and industrial sectors. Goods wrapped in our films increase protection and prevent scratches, stains, and contamination. Our range of films is made of Stretch, Cling, Agriculture, and Industrial films, all available in various sizes, elongations, and thicknesses. Our purpose-fit PE films make us one of the major PE Film manufacturers around the globe.
  • Bags: Customised for businesses and available in an array of style, sizes, and colours, our bags are manufactured for increased capacity, stability, and fine printing. We make paper, non-woven, mailer, and plastic bags as per specifications and requirements. Our bags are ideal for retail, promotional, & industrial use.

Our reach

With a uni-dimensional vision to be a leading manufacturer of packaging materials and geomembranes, we have combined the best of people and technology to establish a global network of clients. We export to 20+ countries and have manufacturing plants set up in India.

We export to Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, and many more countries as seen in the image below:


At Megaplast, we are on a mission to transform the global PE products manufacturing industry by bringing an uncompromised focus on satisfying our customers by meeting their expectations and needs. While on our path towards greater success, we are also consciously working for a better tomorrow by shouldering social responsibilities and promoting the betterment of the environment.

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