Geomembranes: Types & Uses

Geomembranes: Types & Uses

Geomembranes offer cost-effective solutions across various industries like construction, waste management, water management, mining, etc. However, with different materials come different benefits. Megaplast stands apart as a leading geomembrane sheet manufacturer in India by offering 4 unique types of geomembranes, each catering to a range of specific requirements. Here’s an overview of our range, with their specific usage.

HDPE Smooth geomembrane:

HDPE Smooth geomembranes are majorly used for lining projects which require low permeability, ultraviolet resistance, and exceptional chemical properties. These liners are the most widely used around the world as they are the most resistant to many solvents. Their high-density configuration is ideal for lining waste landfills as they can effectively stop landfill leachate and gases from contaminating groundwater. MegaLiner™ HDPE Smooth liners also possess strong wear and tear resistance, making them perfect for water containment ponds. At Megaplast, we have HDPE Smooth geomembrane sheets that offer cost-effective alternatives to other lining solutions.

LLDPE Smooth geomembrane:

LLDPE Smooth geomembranes are designed for waste containment applications which require a greater degree of flexibility and elongation. Superior tinsel strength properties make MegaLiner™ LLDPE sheets puncture-proof caps as well. Unlike HDPE Smooth liners which are meant to withstand high temperatures, LLDPE Smooth liners are resistant to low temperatures. Engineers who require low permeability and flexibility in their geomembranes opt for LLDPE Smooth liners. At Megaplast, we manufacture LLDPE Smooth geomembranes that possess mega flexibility that can withstand direct folding and compound bending without degrading their integrity and performance.

HDPE Textured geomembrane:

HDPE Textured geomembranes come with a rough surface on single or double sides. What sets apart HDPE Textured liners from smooth liners is their ability to provide improved friction between the liner and the subgrade. The reduced slipperiness of the textured surface combined with the durability and chemical resistance of HDPE makes these sheets perfect for lining steep slopes and vertical engineering design work. Apart from stopping hazardous waste and residue from polluting the natural habitat, MegaLiner™ HDPE Textured sheets also provide a better grip for workers to walk on the liner and carry out operations without risking their lives.

LLDPE Textured geomembrane:

LLDPE Textured geomembranes combine durability, elongation and frictional performance in one. MegaLiner™ LLDPE Textured do not lose out on flexibility and high performance even when the friction between two layers increases or when the slope is steep. At Megaplast, we manufacture LLDPE Textured liners with single or double-sided textured surfaces. Be it steep landfills, designing the perfect closure, or leach pads, we are one of the first choices of engineers for LLDPE Textured geomembranes in India.

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