Geomembranes for Reservoirs and Embankment Dams

Geomembranes for Reservoirs and Embankment Dams

It’s no secret that Geomembranes are irreplaceable protection methods for water bodies of all kinds, whether big dams or small private ponds. Megaplast possesses a series of PE Geomembrane Liners, ranging from HDPE & LLDPE Smooth to HDPE & LLDPE Textured, making them the ideal mechanisms to install for applications like reservoirs and embankment dams.

While constructing reservoirs and embankment dams, geomembranes are often used as a part of the liner system to prevent the leakage of water and other fluids. An embankment dam is entirely built up through the placement and compaction of complex semi-plastic mould consisting of soil and rock. This man-made reservoir has a high water holding capacity, making it imperative to be leak-proof and non-eroding.

Let us understand the specific benefits that Geomembranes contribute to the construction as well as the functioning of water reservoirs and embankment dams.

Geomembranes are seepage barriers: The Megaplast low-permeability membrane liners work as barriers that are formed into thin sheets in order to control the migration of fluids. Geotechnical structures like embankment dams constructed from natural elements like soil or rock and aided with Geomembranes help deter the erosion of the natural barriers and efficiently contain the water.

Geomembranes are lined at the bottom and sides of a reservoir: When it comes to protecting the structural integrity of the dam or reservoir, the high-calibre and tough tensile frame of Megaplast Geomembranes battle against the ingress of water and other fluids that could cause erosion or other types of damage. Apart from lining the sides and bottom of these water bodies, the areas around reservoirs and dams are layered with Geomembranes to prevent the contamination of surface or groundwater.

Geomembranes are easy to install: Regardless of the terrain rigged with deep and jagged contours due to the rock formations, an HDPE Geomembrane being strong and durable as well as resistant to UV radiation, chemical attack, and puncture, accentuates its flexibility and convenience. This makes the Geomembrane easy to install and a versatile technology that can malleably conform to any surface.

Geomembranes are crucial for maintaining fluid quality: Be it floating covers protecting marine life, or be it the function of serving as barriers in oil reservoirs; the Megaplast Geomembranes that are found in Smooth and Textured options are vital for fluid quality maintenance. In regards to embankment dams and reservoirs, the PE Liners guard water resources from external pollution like pathogens and contaminants, so the quality of stored water remains pure.

As we have shed light on the responsibility of HDPE and LLDPE Geomembranes in reservoirs and embankment dams, there are multiple other applications for water resources that rely on the protection of Geomembrane liners. Other forms of hydraulics engineering purposes include canal lining, tank linings, ponds, lagoons etc.

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