Floating Covers and their benefits

Floating Covers and their benefits

We’ve come across the applications of geomembranes as calibrated lining barriers protecting land from harmful external effuse or preventing seepage and the adulteration of soil nutrients. However, these geotextiles tested for Stress Crack Resistance, Tear and Puncture Resistance, as well as Tensile Stretch & Elongation, are not just designed for covering the underneath surfaces of water bodies or preventing erosion for instance when utilised for embankment and mining. Geomembranes are prominent as ‘Floating Covers’ too, for the prevention of water loss and contamination.

Floating covers are flexible liners that layer and protect the topmost surface of water bodies. As expert Geomembrane Sheet providers in India, Megaplast floating covers are made of HDPE and LLDPE and composed of low density in order to float on the surface of the water. The most effective need for Floating Covers arises when water bodies like potable water reservoirs, lakes and ponds need to shield the contained water from contamination or prevent odours from escaping. These types of geomembranes are also used in bio-digester tanks to collect gas.

Below are some critical benefits associated with Megaplast Floating Covers:
Reduction of Evaporation: Being U.V. Stabilised, not only is a Floating Cover equipped for prolonged life, but also shields reservoirs, ponds, and other bodies of water from an inevitable process like evaporation. In regions that are dry or arid, these geomembranes help conserve water where saving water is a must.
Improving Water Quality: Floating covers help improve the quality of water in lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. As sunlight penetration is drastically reduced, there is a limitation to the growth of algae and other aquatic plants as well as deters putridity. The Floating covers can help to improve the clarity and overall health of the water.

Containment of Chemicals: Geomembranes are the staple barrier protection methods within the petrochemical industry.  Thus, Floating Covers naturally bar the chemicals and other hazardous materials found in tanks, lagoons, and other containment & high-radiation areas. Similarly, these Floating Covers are essential for the prevention of accidental spills or leaks, thus helping the environment ultimately.

For the cultivation of aquatic organisms such as fish, shellfish, and plants, aquaculture is a pivotal practice. We already have the application of Megaplast Pond Liners that are specially created for the proliferation of marine life. Adding Floating covers can help to create a more controlled environment for the growth and development of these organisms, and can also help to prevent the spread of diseases and parasites. Due to the geomembranes' thermal stability and vital UV resistance, Floating Covers are further necessary for aquaculture.

Floating geomembrane covers are a versatile and cost-effective solution for protecting large bodies of water. At Megaplast, we manufacture and enhance geomembranes that are significant for water management and conservation. Share your Geomembrane needs with us at info@mega-group.in or contact us on +91 022 - 6106 6000.

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