Application of geomembranes in water resource-related projects

Application of geomembranes in water resource-related projects

The Megaplast geomembrane sheets have been developed primarily for water resource protection like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs and groundwater sources like spring protection, dug well protection, and drilled well protection. Also vital to aquaculture as floating covers, geomembranes primarily act as barriers to pathogens, and contaminants and are ultraviolet-light resistant

The core purpose of geomembranes is to prevent seepage and leakage of water due to their low permeability. They are also an effective and economical solution to water reservoirs and dam leakage as well as erosion problems.

Choosing the right Geomembrane will depend on the application and project conditions. Thus, informing the manufacturer about the application is very important when sending a request.

Note the following attributes of geomembranes:

- HDPE Geomembrane has the highest chemical resistance, and is gas-proof, but has the lowest flexibility.

- VLDPE Geomembrane has the highest flexibility and weldability but has the lowest chemical resistance.

- LLDPE Geomembrane has slightly higher flexibility than HDPE Geomembranes as well as more thickness.

Here’s a variety of applications where smooth geomembrane sheets come into consideration for the protection and management of water resources:

1. Liners for reservoirs and dams: Geomembranes are often used as a lining material for reservoirs and dams to prevent leaks and seepage, thus helping to maintain the structural integrity of these water storage facilities.

2. Leachate collection lagoons: The leachate generated in municipality landfills as a result of the decomposition of organic waste and rain that might fall in that area needs to be collected in a separate lagoon that is mostly adjacent to the landfill. In this specific application, the HDPE Geomembrane is the ideal material due to its high chemical resistance.

3. Canal liners: Geomembrane sheets can be used to line canals and irrigation channels to prevent water loss through seepage and erosion, therefore helping to improve the efficiency of these water distribution systems.

4. Pond liners: Essential for the retention, detention and sedimentation of ponds to prevent water loss and to protect the surrounding environment from pollutants, geomembrane sheets are crucial components in ponds

5. Water treatment systems: Geomembranes can be used as a barrier in various water treatment systems, such as in constructed wetlands to prevent contaminants from leaching into groundwater.

6. Hydraulics engineering purposes: Megaplast HDPE Geomembranes find their usage in canal linings, and tank linings and provide cost-effective engineering solutions for electrical power generation purposes, like the disposal of spent fuel, storage of process water, cooling ponds and other applications

Megaplast offers multiple series of geomembranes designed for various other purposes. Let us know your geomembrane needs, contact us at or call +91 022 - 6106 6000.

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