Types of Mailer Bags and their benefits

Types of Mailer Bags and their benefits

The world of delivery is a fascinating one and it gets us all our packages safely and intact for the most part. We get upset if our packages are ruined or destroyed in transit and we have to go through the hassle of placing a return and getting our item replaced or our money refunded.

Another way to look at it is to consider the loss a company incurs if damages are incurred while shipping the product. Usually, it is around 0.5% of the gross value of the product. With an increase in the demand for packaging and courier services due to augmentation of ecommerce that has boosted the convenience and accessibility of varied goods, the need for ace quality mailer bags have accelerated.
Today, Mailer bags manufactured by Megaplast, the trusted PE packaging product manufacturer in India,  secure any and all products and reduce damages with the help of their moisture resistant PE material composition, along with their envelopes that are lightweight, weatherproof and scratch proof . Mailer bags have gone through much innovation and there are many varieties of their types that cater to different products and segments.

Let us take a look at various mailer bags available in the market:

Glamour mailer bags: These are used for protecting mobile phone accessories and jewellery. What distinguishes a glamour mailer from the rest is its metallic exterior. Due to its shiny appearance, a lot of customers are enticed towards it, making it the perfect choice for gifting. Glamour mailers ensure products are safe and secure with their water and tamper resistant features. Furthermore, the peel and seal adhesive closure of the mailers reduces a user’s effort. Unlike their appearance, glamour mailers are more affordable, lightweight, and space efficient than cardboard boxes, and very effective for the dispatch and transport of products.

Padded mailer bags: Bags of this kind are designed to provide extra protection for shipping goods such as electronics, mobile phones, books, etc. These mailers consist of fibre padding that expands and absorbs shock and protects the goods while maintaining its shape during transportation. These mailer bags have revolutionised the e-commerce scene completely.

Bubble mailer bags:  Another commonly seen mailer bag is the Bubble mailer that is made of padded envelopes with bubble wrap on the inside, and paper or plastic wrap on the outside. As air-filled bubbles offer better cushioning than regular envelopes, these bags are used to protect both fragile and robust products that need extra protection during transit. From a kohl pencil to books to crockery, bubble mailers are used for packaging across industries.

Polyethylene Mailer Bags:
Known to be sturdy and robust, the Megaplast Poly mailers or polythene mailers are unique in multiple dimensions. These mailer bags are also weather, tampering, and tearing resistant, often used for shipping clothes, books, shoes, toys, etc. among other durable products. In addition, poly mailers come with self-sealing strips that provide convenience and efficiency to users.

Mailer bags have played a crucial role in reducing shipping damages for both small and large eCommerce businesses. Using mailers may seem a small part of the supply chain process, but it helps your brand be perceived in a positive light by consumers and builds trust with them.

Megaplast supplies Mailer Bags in India and Internationally, and offers solutions for all your needs. In need of mailer bags? Share your requirements at info@mega-group.in or contact us on +91 022 - 6106 6000.

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