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  • Geomembrane

    Durable and technically superior liners

    U.V Stabilized, durable and tear resistant liners used for a multitude of applications – from water conservation to waste disposal landfills. Prevent seepage and contamination – opt for Megaplast Geomembrane.

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Our Geomembrane Product Range

Available in various density, finishes and designed as per end-use application


Majorly used for lining projects which require low permeability, ultraviolet resistance and exceptional chemical properties, making them very cost-effective for most of the applications.

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Available in two categories - with single or double-sided textured surface, that performs with superior strength and high level of multiaxial impact on the market. These textured HDPE geomembranes have a successful track record in many lining applications.

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Designed for waste containment applications, which usually requires a greater degree of flexibility and elongation. These features & its superior tensile properties make this product the perfect solution for landfill caps, leach pads or portable water containment.

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The high-quality textured surface enables increased friction between the layers & the steep slopes of a landfill, designing the perfect closure, similarly for leach pad applications.

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Product Brief

Length Thickness Colors Finish Material

8 metre wide

0.5 mm to 3 mm

Black – Standard

Black & White and any other colour on request

Smooth - Standard Availability

Textured - Single or Double side -
as per requirement


* Product specs can vary as per customer requirements

Secondary containment lining solutions tailored for various applications

Our Geomembrane liner range is specially formulated for each specific application. Renowned for their imperviousness, high chemical resistance, durability and corrosion protection.


Innovative, effective and efficient containment liners that are required on mine sites to prevent leakage of assets and to avoid potential liabilities from leakage of contaminants.


Our Coal Mining Geomembranes are used to prevent leakage of ash in water bodies or get mixed with air. These are known for maximum containment of coal combustion, fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, flue gas desulphurisation gypsum and other residuals.


Ideal for petrochemical applications that provide additional security against contaminants released into the environment. Acts as an effective line of defence, to avoid the occurrence of a spill, or if the primary holding structure were to fail.

Salt Pans

Non-toxic and environmental-friendly, geomembranes that are suitable for salt pan applications that and won't discharge hazardous substances, making these ideal for drinking water based projects.

Waste Management Treatment

Liners ideal for landfill containment and capping. Required for preventing contamination of ground water and prevents rainfall or moisture from getting into the waste. Contains and captures gaseous emissions can be subjected to many types of waste management stresses.


Highly resistant to UV radiation, suitable for use at elevated temperatures. Easy and fast solution for water proofing ponds in the farms.

Water-Canals, Ponds, Dams, Reservoirs

Cost effective seepage barrier liners for lining and waterproofing water channels. Specially designed for superior performance for ensuring secure embedment of the geomembrane liner into the concrete in these applications.

Landscaping-Capping, munciple Waste, Garbage Based

These applications may have portions exposed for extended periods; as such high UV resistance is required for long term performance. Ideal for landscaping applications such as ponds for golf courses, artificial lakes, pools, constructed wetlands, retention and storm water runoff.

Aqua Culture

Used in fish and shrimp farming projects to reduce the risk of diseases and increase productivity by preventing water loss and the transmission of potentially harmful compounds from the soil into the ponds.


A special blend of high quality resins and additives for maximum containment and enhanced biogas recovery. Produces significant amounts of biogas largely containing methane gas and carbon dioxide.

A Trusted & Verified Geomembrane Supplier

We have been awarded various certificates for meeting key Industrial Standards, not only for the quality of product but also for our comprehensive services.

We test their true strength before they reach you

  • Thickness Gauge Meter
  • Density
  • Universal Tensile Machine
  • Tear Resistance
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Machine
  • Carbon Black Content & Dispersion
  • OIT – Standard & High Pressure
  • Oven Ageing
  • QUV for testing UV Resistance

Made in India
used across the World

Applying the best of People, process and technology

Our Geomembrane manufacturing facility is spread over 40,000 Sq. Mt. floor area, equipped with highly precise automated machinery, where we produce Liners for a variety of end-use applications.

Megaplast India Pvt. Ltd.
Sr. No. 597/2(B), Nr. Cello House,
Somnath, Dabhel, Nani Daman,
Daman - 396210

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Megaplast Liner series meets or exceeds all the requirements of the internationally recognized GRI GM-13 standard for HDPE geomembrane liners.

10+ million Sq.mt. annual capacity

Customized as per requirement

800 Metric tonnes/mo

metre wide

Finish options